Zuma’s Journey from Being a Herd Boy to Becoming a President


Jacob Zuma is the third democratically elected president of South Africa, taking the torch from the previous two presidents on which whose names were Nelson Mandela, which was an international icon and Thabo Mbeki. The first two presidents were well literate and well educated presidents. Both Mandela and Mbeki graduated as barrister and an economist, respectively in their own times and in the finest educational institutions.

Jacob Zuma birthdate is April 12, 1942. He was born in to the clan of Zuma at Nkandla. Nkandla is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and it is a rural area. He was the first son of his father and his father’s second wife. His mother and father were a domestic worker and a policeman, respectively. Jacob Zuma’s father unfortunately died when he was very young and Jacob does not have any memory of his father.

In books, Jacob Zuma is portrayed as a man of contradictions. He was deeply embedded in his deep cultural roots which is Zulus and is very comfortable in his leopard skin attire. Zuma is a smart modern day politician and is also a proud man who had a rather active sexual lifestyle with many women. He became wildly popular because of his image and wittiness and his contagious smile and yet he can go toe to toe with people in the international level and go to talks worldwide without leaving a single hint of his educational attainment which is only at the primary level.

In biographies, authors from http://buzzsouthafrica.com/news/zuma/ describe a man who seems not really destined for greatness. Jacob Zuma never had the chance to complete his primary education and spent most of his childhood years as a boy who tends to the herds. His family was not rich either and it was his mother’s domestic work in Durban that exposed Jacob Zuma’s eyes to the harsh reality of the world.

At his search and his longing for freedom experienced a lot of things. Jacob Zuma, age 17, then joined the African National Congress. He was exiled, was incarcerated on Robben Island. All that resulting Jacob Zuma to be a part of Thabo Mbeki’s cabinet in 1999 to 2005 as deputy president, but he was then fired in 2005 because of the misdemeanors of a friend and a former financial adviser.  Since then, Mbeki and Zuma became political rivals, but their rivalry was clean and there was no blood shed. Zuma’s victory over Mbeki and Zuma’s biography shows that Africa’s democracy is working and Africa is functioning well as a newly independent state since 1994. Know about jacob zuma latest news here!


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